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Come join thousands on Sunday, June 4th at 1:30 p.m. at Ste. Anne's,

1000 St. Anne in Detroit,

  • A Community Forum and Rally to help
  • empower our communities to speak out and make lasting community change.
  • Concerned groups, including ACCESS, CAIR-MI, MOSES, LA SED, Latinos
  • United/Unidos of Michigan and many more will join in solidarity to:

- help stop all forms of racial profiling

- increase access to education for our young people

- promote efforts for a fair and just immigration reform

- increase protection of our Michigan workers


This event is sponsored by MOSES-MI and Access Community, for more info contact:

Rashida Tlaib

Immigration Advocacy Coordinator

ACCESS/National Network for Arab American Communities

2601 Saulino Court

Dearborn, MI 48120


313-843-0097 (Fax)

On Thursday, May 25, the U.S. Senate voted 62-36 to approved a
bipartisan immigration 'reform' bill (S. 2611), calling for increase
border security, guest worker program, more immigration enforcement,
and the immigrant legalization program.

Although the bill includes some positive provisions that would reduce
the backlog in family-based immigration, as well as AgJobs, DREAM Act,
and a legalization program; however, a quick analysis from Immigrant
Legal Resource Center point out that the positive provisions in the
bill have been fatally compromised by the negative measures included
in the bill. Such as: militarization of the border, more government
power to deport immigrants, flawed and unrealistic legalization
program, and guest worker program as a new kind of 'slave labor.' (see

Even worse, when the Senate meet with the House (HR 4437) at the
conference committee to draft the final bill (could be before or after
the November election), it'll not get better, but will get
worse--where the positive provisions on the Senate bill may disappear,
but the worse part of the bill will be kept.

Therefore, We should expect our struggle will be still long and
difficult, and we need to prepare for a long campaign to defeat the
racist anti-immigrant bills, and the institutionalized racist
government anti-immigrant policies.

National Immigrant Solidarity Network is calling for National
Grassroots Immigrant Strategy Conference this summer, to invite
activists from across the country to discuss and strategies our next
step on the immigrant solidarity movement, and building the new civil
rights movement. More details will be coming by the end of the week.

On May 1st, millions of us had made the history on "A Day Without
Immigrants" Movement. We have shown the world that our force, our
strength and our voice cannot be silenced from this moment! and we'll
fight for our demands until we prevail

United We'll Win! Together We'll Achieve Our Dreams!

The Senate Immigration Reform BillThey Didn't Get it Right!

May 25, 2006

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